Guides of Network Tools Collection version 2.1

Network Tools Collection is a tool that collects commonly used network tools. With this tool, you can debug TCP, UDP, Websocket, HTTP communication, query DNS information, Whois information, scan IP and port.


  • Port Scanner: Scan for opened IP ports.
  • Ping: Batch ping IP list. Desktop Edition Only
  • Websocket Client:Test or debug Websocket server behavior.
  • Websocket Server:Test or debug the behavior of any Websocket client.
  • HTTP Client:Test and debug HTTP protocol, customize the content of the HTTP request.
  • HTTP Server:Build your own HTTP static web server with one click, easily set the website root directory path.
  • TCP Client:Test or debug tcp server behavior.
  • TCP Server:Test or debug the behavior of any TCP client.
  • UDP:Debug or test udp communication.
  • Whois:Query Whois information that comes from ICANN.
  • DNS: lookup DNS information on the DNS server.